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About Us

The Gespe'gewaq Mi'gmaq Resource Council is a non-profit organization focused on aquatic research. GMRC is governed by a Board of Directors and employs five full-time staff. Its member communities include Eel River Bar, Listuguj, and Pabineau.

Core activities include habitat management and stewardship, as well as research and collection of Mi’gmaq Ecological Knowledge. Research projects include seasonal activities consistent with the GMRC’s strategic objectives, with measurable scientific results and reports.

The GMRC works collaboratively with First Nation governments, organizations and public and private stakeholders to provide applied scientific knowledge concerning aquatic resources.

The GMRC conducts public and community outreach on aquatic resource management activities, as well as public education efforts. These include the widely popular “Fish Friends” program that puts salmon egg incubators in the classroom in area schools.

Project monitoring and evaluation activities includes initiatives and opportunities that are identified in any given year for an on-going or one time activity outside of the GMRC’s core business.

Stream enhancement and restoration activities are conducted annually, in partnership with schools, municipalities ands aquatic groups.